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The Outsider 05

The fifth issue of the Euramax magazine

The Outsider 05
By Redazione The Plan -

The Outsider has reached the fifth stop on its tour, touching down in the fascinating region of Scandinavia.

Continuing its successful format, the fifth issue of the magazine takes readers on a discovery of Euramax’s most challenging projects – hotels, office buildings, arenas, university complexes, factories, and much more. It also offers a brief visitors guide to Scandinavia’s hidden gems – those unusual places off the beaten track for tourists with a passion for the region’s nature, art, and architecture.

The Outsider 05

Just the thought of Scandinavia conjures up images of wild, pristine landscapes, endless summer days and the midnight sun, and long winter days when frost and darkness stand vigil over the passing of the hours. These exceptional conditions have made its countries the cradle of myths and legends, of stories of heroes and warriors.

But this unforgiving land has also produced futuristic, visionary projects for which Euramax has responded with customized products to meet every need.

Kim Herforth Nielsen, the founder of 3XN, one of Denmark’s most respected studios, introduces readers to this world and its unique atmosphere. In an interview, the architect talks about his design vision, and his relationship with technology and building materials. He describes his favorite projects completed by the studio as well as the architecture in his country that has inspired his work.

The Outsider 05

The issue also further explores one of Euramax’s most popular products with architects: Transparent Elegance, a unique coating with a transparent finish that reveals the essential beauty of aluminum and offers customizable color effects that create infinite possibilities for any project.

So, once again we wish you bon voyage as you discover the world of Euramax through its projects in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Iceland.

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The Outsider 05
The Outsider 05

The Outsider has reached the fifth stop on its tour, touching down in that place of myths and legends, Scandinavia. The fifth issue of the magazine takes visitors on a journey to discover visionary architecture and Euramax&rs... Read More

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