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The Culture of Light Beyond the Borders of the Old Continent

Occhio Flagship Store

The Culture of Light Beyond the Borders  of the Old Continent
By Redazione The Plan -

In the heart of Xintiandi, one of Shanghai’s major shopping and brand districts, the lighting and lighting design company Occhio has inaugurated a new flagship store on Madang Road. Open to private, professional and commercial clients, the store offers an interactive experience to discover the entire catalogue in a space of over 400 sq. m. Furnished and structured according to typical local colors and tradition, the culture of light that the brand promotes can be understood through the reproduction of environments of daily life, like home or work spaces. This way, the clients have the opportunity to experience firsthand the qualities and performance of Occhio’s lighting solutions – including spotlights, wall hangings, floor lamps and pendant lamps, all united by minimal and elegant forms – in realistic settings. 

La cultura della luce oltre i confini del vecchio continente © Dean Zhu, courtesy Occhio

In addition to the exhibition space, there is a lounge area and VIP room where different atmospheres have been staged. There is also a real “light laboratory”, in which clients can play with lighting effects, experiment with smart lighting controls, and adjust the tone and warmth of the light. 

The need to create an interactive and welcoming exhibition space to display the entire range of products outside of Europe was not the only motivating factor in the creation of this store. The space also serves as a genuine networking hub for businesses, designers and architects from all over the world, as well as a training center. The flagship store in Asia can be read as a transposition of the company culture into the very design of the new headquarters, in which the hospitality and fluidity of the spaces recall the comforts of home. 

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