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What Milan will be like with park towers, Wattfactory and Crivelli

Two new towers near Lambro park, apartments selling out and green nature abounding: life in an ultra eco-friendly neighbourhood

Park Towers Milano Wattfactory Crivelli
By Redazione The Plan -

Today's Milan will be unrecognisable in a few years' time. A profusion of building sites, new property developments and an updated skyline: the projects in progress are transforming the city. But differently to the past, a well thought-out masterplan can easily be perceived. And another difference to the past is that the projects are innovative and eco-sustainable. Some of the most interesting examples are backed by Bluestone, which started off 2022 with five construction sites. Two of these should be completed within the year: WattFactory, a real estate project at n° 6 Via Watt, a stone's throw from the Navigli canals, and Crivelli Milano, a residential building at n° 30 Via Crivelli, looking out at the city's new skyline in the Crocetta area. Instead, work is still in progress at the construction sites for Hidden Garden at n° 13 Piazza Aspromonte, Urban Garden at n° 5 Via Verona, and Park Towers, the residential complex taking shape in Milano Est to the backdrop of Lambro Park.

So what will Milan look like once these works are finished? What will it be like to live in one of these ultra eco-friendly and accessible neighbourhoods?


 Park Towers, rendering by Echoo Studio, courtesy Asti Architetti e Bluestone


WattFactory ‒ industrial-style buildings 

WattFactory is a complex of houses and apartments developed by Bluestone at n° 6 Via Watt, enveloped in tranquillity while just a short walk from the lively central Navigli district. The development is made up of three edifices, two of which are in an industrial style, with extremely bright flats of various sizes, from studio apartments through to layouts with several rooms. They are all class A in energy efficiency. This means occupants can benefit from optimised energy consumption while enjoying carefully designed and comfortable settings, thanks also to quality finishes and construction relying on the best technologies on today's market. Two internal courtyards with terraced houses, private gardens and condo walkways generate an oasis in Milan's most creative neighbourhood. Particularly telling is the fact that the entire complex has already sold out!


 Wattfactory, rendering by Echoo Studio, courtesy Bluestone


Crivelli Milano ‒ remote-working and native plants

Not far from the Crocetta area, Crivelli Milano is an energy class-A residential building comprising 8 storeys and a total of 45 apartments, which look out over a large internal garden made up of native plants and trees ‒ the fruit of development by expert landscape architects. A fully equipped gym and a remote-working suite complete the exclusive services in the shared areas made available to residents. Attention to form, choice of materials, broad areas of glazing over several levels, variety in apartment size and personalisation with quality finishes and furnishings all make Crivelli Milano an attractive opportunity for living in one of the most prestigious and state-of-the-art districts in the city.


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 Crivelli, rendering by Echoo Studio, courtesy Bluestone


The area has been designed with a careful eye for the environment: from meticulous and responsible choices in materials, to integrated energy-production devices to cover the building's needs using photovoltaic systems, solar panels and heat pumps, through to creation of communal and internal green areas. In addition, LED lighting is fitted throughout the flats and the entire building, while direct charging stations for electric cars and bicycles have been included in the owners' garages. The works to build Crivelli Milano have been completed and the occupants of the first flats are moving in.


 Crivelli, rendering by Echoo Studio, courtesy Bluestone


Park Towers Milano ‒ two high-rises overlooking Lambro Park

Park Towers Milano is Bluestone's most recent residential development and will be completed in the Feltre neighbourhood within the first half of 2024. Its units will look out onto 800,000 m2 of the green Lambro Park, connecting with key transport hubs in Milan's urban fabric and the nearby Lambrate railway station and Udine M2 underground stop.

Designed by the Asti Architetti studio, the complex will stand on an 8,000 m2 lot and involves construction of three separate edifices for residential purposes, two of which are towers and the other a flat low building. In addition, an underground level will provide 100 garage units and parking spaces, as well as bicycle parking with accompanying bike workshop and charging stations for electric vehicles. The three buildings will develop around a private garden of about 6500 m2 in size, set out with an urban vegetable garden to be managed by the condominium residents. There will also be a grooming area for seeing to pets' needs and a children's play park. Every apartment will be fitted with heat recovery ventilation to ensure an excellent hygiene and health context for each single home.


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 Park Towers, rendering by Echoo Studio, courtesy Asti Architetti e Bluestone


With both overlooking Lambro Park, the 23-storey and 16-storey Park Towers and will be made up of more than 100 flats varying in size and layout, and fitted with the most modern technology. Instead, the three-floor linear building facing the Via Privata Ruggeri street will offer 18 one-bedroom flats, a spacious hall and residents-only communal spaces, such as a co-working area, a gym, a covered children's play area, a library/relaxation area and a deliveries space. Over 80% of the homes in the development have already been sold.

And what does the mid-term future hold? Bluestone signed an agreement last October with Patron Capital and FREO to create a programme to invest about €250 million in residential projects in Milan. The first investments target two sites in the Via Folli and Via Sbodio roads in the Lambrate district: these will undergo transformation and redevelopment into two new residential complexes offering 140 apartments, which will go on sale this year.


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Location: Milan
Real Estate Operator: Bluestone

Park Towers: rendering by Echoo Studio, courtesy Asti Architetti e Bluestone
Crivelli, Hidden Garden and Watt Factory: rendering by Echoo Studio, courtesy Bluestone
Urban Garden: rendering by Tecma, courtesy Bluestone

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