“Made in Italy” meets Indonesian tradition
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“Made in Italy” meets Indonesian tradition

Atlas Beach Fest Resort

“Made in Italy” meets Indonesian tradition
By Redazione The Plan -

Overlooking the Berawa waterfront in Bali, Atlas Beach Fest is the largest resort on the entire Indonesian island, whose local traditions are blended with a contemporary and luxurious hospitality that offers a rich program of events, and food, wine and entertainment experiences. The heart of the hotel, designed by Jakarta-based CNS Works Design, and its open-air living is the spacious beach club located on the shore, facing the ocean blue and dotted by tall palm trees. The pools are equipped with daybeds, inflatable beds, sofas, and pavilions for private events, as well as a pool bar and restaurant service. It is precisely in this place that Atlas Concorde, the company specializing in ceramic coverings, has brought its culture and its “Made in Italy” quality. Its stone-look Norde collection has the advantage of enhancing the stylistic mix between the oriental identity – which is expressed, for example, by the four-poster beds and colorful fabrics – and the typical style of Mediterranean beach clubs.

Il made in Italy incontra la tradizione indonesiana © Victor Adianggara, courtesy Atlas Concorde

Thanks to the Norde collection, which is reminiscent of quarzite and beola, the surfaces stand out for their textural appearance that is true to the nature of the stone and its roughness. It offers both the advantages of resistance and the ease of maintenance of porcelain stoneware. 

The space’s color scheme and the need for mutually enhancing adaptation between these nature-inspired surfaces and the other materials and colors led to the choice of four shades of the Norde collection. The magnesium color resembles ivory with its warm elements; the gold, with its gray-sand dominance, brings intensity; the platinum provides luminosity with its clear gray hues and silver reflections; and the lead evokes an almost primal dimension with its quarzite and beola tones. 

Norde is an example of the esthetic versatility of the solutions offered by Atlas Concorde, which knows how to synthesize functionality, security, innovation, and a strong vocation for design and esthetics. 

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