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Listone Giordano sees recovery in terms of culture and health

Listone Giordano

Listone Giordano between culture and health | THE PLAN
By Redazione The Plan -

Listone Giordano, the premier timber flooring manufacturer, is more than ever convinced - especially since the emergency lockdown caused by Covid-19 - that the recovery of our economy will depend on companies taking a hard look at their corporate identity. Andrea Margaritelli, Listone Giordano’s Brand Manager and President of the Guglielmo Giordano Foundation put it this way:

“We have tried to strengthen the far reaching significance of our Company’s identity as a business whose deep cultural roots guide our actions and are an integral part of everything we do, not just in terms of product research but all our Company’s strategic actions. This has been part of what we are for many years. It’s not the result of contingent circumstances but the way we have channeled all our energy into achieving the Company’s mission.”

The roadmap outlined by Listone Giordano in its aim to ensure a strategy that delivers lasting well-being for stakeholders and the environment combines aesthetics and ethics, culture and nature, technology and the environment, high performance and health. The in-depth analysis and resultant strategic program were standard practice well before the current emergency. Today, they are an even greater opportunity to ensure consolidated recovery.The company is unique in the world for its complete control over the whole production and supply chain: from the forest stand through to delivery and laying of the finished product in compliance with stringent environmental and health regulations. This means products with no invisible potentially harmful substances such as pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde or pathogenic agents.Safeguarding health is a central theme at Listone Giordano, a crucial consideration during production. Equally important has been the Company’s commitment to opening up debate and communication channels on these major issues. Today, more than ever, the Company’s ability to be ahead of the curve has attracted the interest of professionals from many sectors. These include design historian and writer Stefano Casciani, and architect Maurizio de Caro, who have partnered Listone Giordano in the cross-media project entitled ONE, which aims to present the company from the outside. This sort of vertical communication tells the story of the Company’s achievements as it serves architecture, design, the natural environment, and our society’s wider cultural issues.
A further example of the Company’s forward thinking, the multimedia platform ONE hosts the exchanges between architects and designers that before the lockdown used to take place in the Listone Giordano Arena in the heart of Milan. Articles and comments are flanked by other key communication tools like audio and video files, pills and interviews with architects and designers broadcast on media like radio, social networks and broadcasts.

“It came as a pleasant surprise to realize that many of our readers want to know more and have a more direct link with the authors of the articles they read, listening to recorded readings and interviews”, says Margaritelli.

The unexpected public health crisis we are experiencing brought direct face-to-face debates to an abrupt halt. But Listone Giordano quickly brought people together again with the aid of digital technology, developing its innovative Open Desk, an online service for its customers and designers that ensures continued personal interaction through online consultancy, individual appointments and telephone communication.The wide range of Listone Giordano’s solutions for design and architecture testifies to a Company eager to be part of the debate on the broader cultural themes of how our society produces and how we maintain human relations.

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