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Éclats: shimmering shards of art

Friul Mosaic releases a new collection created with Fabio Ferrillo Belli


Éclats: shimmering shards of art
By Redazione The Plan -

Éclats is a French word with two meanings: shard, or the fragments of glass that make up the image; shimmer, or the brilliance of the texture that makes up the mosaic.” This is architect and designer Fabio Ferrillo Belli’s explanation for why he chose the name Éclats for his new collection for custom-made mosaic producer Friul Mosaic. And his creations convey the real meaning of mosaics as a coming together of imagination, creativity, passion, technique, materials, and style.

The pieces in this series are absolutely contemporary, featuring a language that’s modern, experimental, technical, and highly chromatic. This collection was conceived “around three evocative, contemporary, and original themes,” says Ferrillo Belli, “with nine subjects, 27 versions, and infinite possibilities. Each theme has been designed in two different versions that can be used in hospitality, wellness, and residential settings. The first is two-dimensional, more traditional, and fixed to its base. The second is more contemporary, innovative, and three-dimensional, in which the subject is set free from the wall to come alive.” Color takes centerstage in these designs in the form of Venetian enamels chosen and created especially for Éclats. Each design is also available in black and white.


The three themes of Éclats

Éclats, Friul Mosaic Design: Fabio Ferrillo Belli

Flying creatures, tropical jungles, and the city of Milan are the three themes of Éclats, designed by Fabio Ferrillo Belli for this new Friul Mosaic collection. Flying creatures have always fascinated the designer because of their lightness, fragility, and the peculiarity of their wings. Wings are “perfect structures,” according to Ferrillo Belli, “yet geometrically, they’re almost random, unrepeatable, composed of tiny differences that speak the same language as Friul Mosaic mosaics and the artists who create them.”

The iconographic power of the plant world, in particular of tropical jungles, lies in the symbolic nature of the intricate structures of leaves, which point to the deepest essence of nature as something elusive, powerful, and, at the same time, as fragile as the ecosystems that plants occupy.

Finally, the city of Milan: “This is a tribute to the city and some of its most representative architecture,” says the designer. “I think these buildings are a deep expression of its identity, both absorbing and expressing it through their history in an orderly, clear, and representative way, as if they want to talk about the people who – by choice or chance, family after family – built the society that makes this city so incredibly alive.”


Experimentation, eco-sustainability, customization

Éclats, Friul Mosaic Design: Fabio Ferrillo Belli

Underlying this collaboration between Friul Mosaic and Ferrillo Belli are shared values of experimentation, eco-sustainability, and customization, as well as a commitment to providing a showcase for the skills of artists. The experimental approach behind Éclats has resulted in compositions that are true works of art, providing striking and flexible backdrops for the most sophisticated hotel and restaurant settings, but also, and in particular, private spaces on yachts or in homes. Mounted on panels or molded bases, these shards of exquisitely colored enamel literally detach from the wall to find their way into unprecedented locations.

Reflecting the philosophy of sustainability shared by the company and designer, the collection is also fully eco-sustainable. The colored tesserae are sourced from recycled glass and, combined with natural pigments, undergo a low-temperature sintering process that produces zero toxic emissions. The bases are recycled or fully recyclable materials, such as aluminum and innovative vegetable fibers. And the materials used to install them are also completely sustainable.


Éclats, Friul Mosaic Design: Fabio Ferrillo Belli


More info: www.friulmosaic.com


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All images courtesy of Friul Mosaic

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