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Bright, Functional Offices

Bright, Functional Offices
By Redazione The Plan -

VetroIN, a Brescia-based company that has been making glass partitions and acoustic boxes for the office world since 2006 using state-of-the-art material processing techniques, is built on the triple pillars of research, innovation and quality.

Headquartered in Castel Mella, vetroIN’s global vision has spawned business partnerships all over the world. The company designs, manufactures and installs its products, and supports architects, businesses and contractors in defining and creating spaces of unique character.

Maximum luminosity, visual connections among the various spaces and acoustic insulation are just some of the advantages glass partitions provide in the workplace. Glass partitions from vetroIN can also serve as screens for interactive projections or media for flat or three-dimensional decorations using modern laser processing.

© Courtesy of vetroIN

The company’s product families are inspired by transparency and functionality, whether single-slab walls or double-slab systems (EvolvinWall, LighWall, TrueLight), whether equipped, partitioning or container walls (SolidWall and StorageWall), innovative recessed rail partitions (Hide), or InWall, the first earthquake-resistant structural wall with flush-mounted external glass, for which vetroIN has a patent.

© Courtesy of vetroIN

New for 2022 is TrueLight Colors, an aluminum and glass partition wall that offers an endless range of colors and geometries to play with and create vibrant, personalized environments.
As of this year, the laminated safety glass in TrueLight walls is available in a tinted version, offering a choice of 16 million colors and varying degrees of transparency right the way through to full opacity.

Protecting and preserving the natural environment are core values for vetroIN, which uses recyclable raw materials like aluminum and glass fiber. All of the company’s products are ISO 9001 certified, CE marked and LEED certified.


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Tel. +39 030 2151263
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