A New Office Concept for Versatility and Multitasking
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A New Office Concept for Versatility and Multitasking

C.Space Technology Lounge


A New Office Concept for Versatility and Multitasking
By Redazione The Plan -

Inside the spacious Forgiatura office campus in northwest Milan, the firm co.arch has designed a project for C.Space – the city’s first technology lounge managed by Designtech, a technological innovation hub dedicated to design. Its atmosphere makes it the ideal space for sharing and collaboration with an almost domestic vibe, while the organization of the environments, the furnishings and the technologies make it a phygital space – highly connected and digital, and replicable in other business contexts. It is therefore an experimental environment where creativity, flexibility and innovation are intertwined and present in all the three main areas of the space: a 30-person hall for small events, informal meetings, classes and recreational activities; an equipped kitchen that is adaptable for other uses too; and a podcast room that also works as a meeting space. 

Un nuovo concetto di ufficio versatile e multitasking © Luca Privitera, courtesy of Designtech

The set-up of C.Space was curated in large part by Quadrifoglio Group, which supplied furniture, cabinets and dividing partitions that matched Designtech’s personality. The furnishings are capable of balancing needs for both privacy and collaboration without sacrificing esthetic requirements: materials, shapesand colors were chosen in harmony with the context. The meeting rooms are equipped with custom-made Anthracite Linen-colored cabinets that match the entrance and the ante-bathroom, and feature different types of seating that the company chose to respond to various needs and functions. Both swivel and four-leg Clue chairs with an Umbra Grey polypropylene shell are present in the meeting rooms, to allow for movement and different configurations of the space, while City Déco Lounge armchairs aim to facilitate moments of sharing. The craftsmanship and the stitching creating a draped effect give the chairs an informal look with a bohemian touch. The Miami and Montreal side tables are combined with these to create situations of conviviality, in addition to the ergonomic Moon chair. The podcast room features the X6 table, which is characterized by lightness, minimalism and multifunctionality. Its porcelain stoneware tabletop matches the personalized City Déco ice velvet chairs. 

Via Cornaré, 12 – I – 31040 Mansuè (TV) 
Tel. +39 0422 756025 
E-mail: [email protected]www.quadrifoglio.com

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