A Hospitality Project Brings La Serenissima Era Back to Life
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A Hospitality Project Brings La Serenissima Era Back to Life

Radisson Collection Hotel, Palazzo Nani Venice

Studio Marco Piva

A Hospitality Project Brings La Serenissima Era Back to Life
By Redazione The Plan -

“Preserving the past by designing the future”. This is how Studio Marco Piva curated the interior design for a renovation project in the historical Palazzo Nani in Venice, transforming the ancient residence dating to the 16th century into a hotel while respecting its past and all the protected elements of historical value. The Radisson Collection Hotel, Palazzo Nani Venice is a fusion between artistic heritage and esthetic research: the project valorizes the original structures, the friezes, the tall, frescoed ceilings, the arches and the decorative elements found not only in the common areas but also in the rooms, which were conceived and realized as spacious, adaptable residences with a Renaissance flavor. This work would not have been possible without the contributions of the Cosentino group, which supplied Silestone®, a versatile material used for a wide variety of interior design projects. This hybrid surface material was chosen for its ability to unite qualities such as elegance, strength and functionality, as underlined by Marco Piva: “At the design level, I was searching for the luxury and refinement of marble, but in a more resistant material that would harmoniously fit into the work and ensure very high performance and good durability.

Un progetto di accoglienza  fa rivivere l’epoca della Serenissima © Costantino Bedin, courtesy of Cosentino

The choice fell on Silestone® Calacatta Gold, which, with its subtle and delicate veining, is perfect for paying homage to marble, the most elegant of natural stones”. The versatility and elegant finishes of Silestone® led to its use both in the common areas, like the bar counter, and in the details and furnishings in the private rooms, such as the coffee and bedside tables. This insightful choice has allowed for a material-based connection between the various areas of the building. The large size and clean aspect of the surface create an effect of spatial and visual continuity. Since 2020, the Silestone® production process has employed HybriQ®, a technology patented by the company which allows 99% recycled water and 100% renewable energy to be used throughout the production chain. All the Silestone® collections have a hybrid composition of mineral and recycled raw materials.

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