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Marcos Rosello, Gonzalo Coello De Portugal, Jonny Anstead, Meredith Bowlesv

aLL Design
aLL Design is an international collective of young and established architects and designers, each with broad artistic interests and specialisms. Under the direction of the late Prof. William Alsop, OBE RA, the studio has designed some of the world’s most iconic architecture. These landmarks have often increased tourism, encouraged learning and lured people into their community. They include RIBA Worldwide Award winners: the French Government’s Headquarters in Marseille - “Le Grand Bleu”; Ontario College of Art and Design and the RIBA Stirling Prize-winning Peckham Library, London.
aLL Design practices to make life better. Their philosophy concerns listening to people and each other, looking keenly at a brief and responding to the site and all those who are involved or connected in some way to the development. aLL endeavours to make people happy and engaged - forging community links in the process of design and absorbing ideas which enable them to evolve unique places for shared experience. The practice pioneers a collaborative approach and strives to be innovator and enricher of life and learning. The late Prof. Alsop was an artist, writer, educator and architect - he actively promoted the artistic contribution to built environments and aLL Design will continue his legacy.

Marta Granda Nistal and Gonzalo Coello de Portugal founded Binom in 2010 after having led on architectural projects whilst working for practices in the UK, Spain and USA. Since then, their projects at Binom have included ephemeral installations and exhibitions, private houses, office fit-outs and working spaces, as well as cultural projects. The practice has also worked on shop interiors and recently completed its first restaurant in London.
Binom’s clients range from public authorities to entrepreneurs to private individuals and families, and the Practice has extensive experience working in UK, Norway and Spain.
At Binom, digital processes are combined with high standards of craftsmanship. Attention to detail from concept to completion is essential to the practice’s design ethos. The combination of technical and organisational expertise with a poetic disposition to architecture is at the heart of how Binom think about the design process. They are interested in how architecture creates a threshold to the world, how it grounds us to where we live or work or to a place we happen to visit.
Research too is important to the studio’s way of working, be it focused on a building’s environmental or social context or a specific technical resolution.

TOWN is a development company. We make places with distinctive character, but which respect and complement their surroundings. We design streets to encourage the features of traditional town life: walking, social contact and exchange. TOWN creates places that are urban, but with nature all around. And we combine the best of the new: contemporary design, modern materials and high environmental performance -
with the best of the old: solidity, spaciousness and light.
Town builds residential and mixed-use developments at street and neighbourhood scale. And we plan new places – urban extensions, regeneration schemes and new settlements – for Town and other developers to build.
As a housing developer, TOWN develops in established residential locations or as part of new developments where we can help to create value and achieve a sense of place early on.
We develop across a range of tenures, from private ownership to build to rent (PRS) and affordable housing. As well as being a housing developer we build mixed uses where this adds amenity or sense of place.

Mole Architects is an award-winning architectural practice based in Cambridge, founded by Meredith Bowles in 1997. Mole makes buildings expressing a commitment to sustainability alongside a passion for colour, form and material quality.
Mole’s ethos combines innovation and common sense, and celebrates individuality. Mole have won many awards including the RIBA Manser Medal and the RIBA Stephen Lawrence Award. Much of the practice’s work is focused around housing: recent projects include a mixed use housing scheme for the University of Cambridge, and a Co-Housing scheme with 42 dwellings and common house.

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