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Karl-Martin Buch Frederiksen

For over 40 years, KANT architects has been embossing the architecture in Denmark in a significant way and is now a leading Danish architectural firm when it comes to designing educational buildings. Today, the company counts more than 80 employees and has a special focus on developing residential and educational buildings – the buildings where we live and learn. We would like to contribute to this happening in the best possible environments.
To us, it is important that the architecture of both new and renovated housing buildings is contributing to bring people closer together. We believe that the physical environment should be an open invitation for people to interact so that community and good neighborhood can thrive. 
Another focus is to create the best spaces for learning and well-being in the schools and institutions where our children spend most of their time. The most important thing for us is to create inspiring learning environments with room and space for both immersion and activity - and where the architecture becomes a source of inspiration for both children and adults.

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