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The Designer Approach to wearable technologies
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The Designer Approach to wearable technologies

In the last few years the interest towards the study of solutions centred on the human has been growing greatly especially thanks to huge development of technologies in the field of wearable devices. This class of products requires to use designer's sensibility to address issues by meeting not only technological requirements, but also user needs with a human-centred approach. Through the understanding and the use of technological innovations coming from the research in progress on micro-technologies, designers should catch the opportunity, supported by an approach able to interpret correctly the requests, and develop design solutions in accordance to current changes. The book describes an experimental design method that is the result of a combination between different approaches. The effectiveness of such an approach is shown through three case studies. The text goes through technology changes, the role of human body, the ergonomics, the wearability issue for a better approach in designing wearable devices, a succession of inspirations for new products and services that can be interesting for designers because it brings people and their experiences together at the core point of an innovative approach.

Title: The Designer Approach to wearable technologies

Author(s): Venere Ferraro

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 12/2011

Pages: 150

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Essay

Topic: Design

Language: English

ISBN code: 8838760942

EAN code: 9788838760945

Venere Ferraro

Venere Ferraro is a PhD in Design Method and Virtual Product. Research interest is the field of wearable devices paying attention to usability, innovation and the role of the technology in human-machine interaction. She was visiting researcher at University of New South Wales (Sydney) and at Media Lab of MIT where she implemented wearable systems through a design driven approach. Author of several international papers and books nowadays she is temporary research at Indaco Department of Politecnico di Milano and visiting professor at Faculty of Design.

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