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Street design
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Street design
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We are aware of a growing need to establish the importance of public space in relation to current models of mobility and uses which affect the quality, functionality and performances. Adopting a "transversal" reading of the relation between urban mobility and public space, this book identifies a series of features that can be of use in street design. Such design should no longer be understood as a sectorial practice, but rather as a complex discipline within urban planning as such. a discipline wherein techniques with regard to the control of traffic - for example, traffic calming - can function as an integrated part of the tools available to the urban designer. Streets, squares, intersections and roadsides should thus be interpreted in a manner that takes into account both the needs of traffic and the needs of urban relations. Such an approach should balance the requirements of transit traffic with the local use of street space. This will make streets more easily accessible for all users, enhancing their ability to function as urban living space.

Title: Street design

Author(s): Federico Jappelli

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 03/2012

Pages: 222

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Commerce, services and area

Topic: Urban Planning

Language: Italian / English

ISBN code: 8838760713

EAN code: 9788838760716

Federico Jappelli

Federico Jappelli, an architect, Ph. D. in urban planning and - since 2007 - Adjunct Professor at the Politecnico di Milano, has for some time now studied the relation between mobility and urban planning, between infrastructural systems and networks of public spaces. He has also worked upon the codification of guidelines for urban design and traffic calming. Head of the FJA Studio, his professional work involves collaboration with local authorities and with the Architecture and Planning Department of the Politecnico in research and consultancy work.

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