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Il paesaggio della torre
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Il paesaggio della torre

A Project on Display ? A meandering path leads across the meadow beneath the crowns of the fruit trees and toward the tower, which displays a pair of narrow, parallel openings on the side that faces the rising slope. Via steps, the couple crosses the thresholds and enters the building together, albeit separated from one another by the two openings. For a moment, the two linger within the tower; spread out in front of them and framed by a large arched opening is a view toward the west; shimmering on the distant horizon is the large town. The two turn toward one another, hand in hand, the couple walks on together, passing through the deep threshold of the large arch?

Title: Il paesaggio della torre

Author(s): Uwe Schroder

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 05/2019

Pages: 48

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Catalogues Project Gallery

Topic: Architecture

Language: Italian / English

ISBN code: 8891632432

EAN code: 9788891632432

Uwe Schroder

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