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Under the Moonlight House

Giovanni D’Ambrosio

Under the Moonlight House
By Francesco Pagliari -

Located in an Australian mountain resort, the house by Roman designer Giovanni D’Ambrosio is an architectural exploit whose audacious form seeks to - and succeeds in - blending with the natural landscape.
Prism volumes stand out against the skyline, their full-height, glazed walls providing expansive views across the countryside from within. Steeply sloping insulated metal roofs underline the building’s function as an all-season mountain holiday home in expressively contemporary style. Natural, locally-found materials - stone and wood - also contribute to making the construction one with the landscape.
Stone-clad walls spring effortlessly from a stone-paved apron. They provide a sturdy plinth for an upper level of wood-clad walls and large glazed lights supported by striking metal frames. Wood plays a key role, offering continuity throughout.
Inside, Jarrah wood lines walls and the imposing, double-height living room ceiling. A large sliding glass door gives on to an outdoor deck in Snow Gum timber that connects the kitchen-dining area to a small outside passage way. Upright wooden louvers along the glazed walls of the night zone provide privacy and sun-shading.
The interior is developed on two levels: a master bedroom on the more secluded upper floor along with a bathroom decorated with a tiling mosaic; and on the lower level, a double-height living area, flanked by a dining room and staircase followed by a second, well secluded bedroom.
The focal point of the house is the living room. Here, the focus is the large fireplace and striking metal truss structure that juts into the room to form an acute-angled overhang. The resultant niches and recesses near the fireplace and entrance are highlighted to great effect by the wood and stone cladding, creating a warm, welcoming environment. Wall-to-wall carpeting underlines the free flowing spatial distribution.

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