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Ing Headoffices

Erick van Egeraat

Ing Headoffices
By Redazione The Plan -

The new Hungarian headoffices of Dutch Company ING enjoy a prominent location in the capital, Budapest. The client brief was for a quality-class office building whose distinctive yet functional architecture and internal layout met commercial market standards.
Located on Dózsa György Street close to Budapest’s famous Heroes Square, and facing the Városliget City Park, this 41,000 sqm  complex, that includes some 25,000 sqm of office space, takes its cue from the surrounding urban context. Its three volumes are linked by fully glazed atria and joined by glossy stainless steel elements, creating a persuasive 21st century transition with the orthogonal volume of the adjacent, 1950’s modernist building - previously renovated by EEA - and the eclectic series of late 19th century villas charcteristic of the area.
The façade is distinctive for its unconventional series of openings. While truly contemporary, its composition, detailing, materials and craftmanship recall the richness and complexity of historic façade detailing to be found in the city. The slightly undulating façades of the new building offer constantly changing visual effects of brightness, reflection and transparency.
The exterior dynamics is continued on the inside starting with the entrance atria. Connecting all office floors, these communal spaces with slightly inclined, semi-transparent surfaces are surprisingly bright, without being overwhelming. The glass and steel drapery creates a layered effect that exudes a dynamic effect. Here, too, the detailing harks back to traditional architecture.
In contrast to this emotional space, the overall office layout is strictly functional: three underground parking floors; public functions on the ground floor; six office floors and an executive meeting area on the 7th floor. The precise architectural grid means that cellular offices may be created along the main façade or in the middle of the back wing.
Floor plan rationality is...

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