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Dellearti Design Hotel

ARKPABI - Giorgio Palù e Michele Bianchi architetti

Dellearti Design Hotel
By Redazione The Plan -

Once past the DelleArti Design Hotel’s conventional façade – a feature retained from the pre-existing building - the visitor is ushered into a completely different world, all high-tech and innovation: floors at different levels, theatrical coulisse, filters and colours.
The three portals in the main façade give a first hint of the highly original ambience awaiting inside. The double-height hall has an art installation as a backdrop, completed by a backlit coulisse of finely perforated, gold-silver treated sheet.
From the hall you can look out onto a “C”-shaped inner court enclosed by a glazed curtain wall assembly comprising asymmetrical vertical sections and strong horizontal lines.
The trailing plants cascading down the side of the free wall separate three square giant screens set into the wall showing videos of cultural events in the city of Cremona and surrounding areas, art installations or sporting events.
The multi-media theme continues on the split-level IT-dedicated floor where computer stations with internet connections, dvd readers and audio systems playing concerts held in or around Cremona are made available to guests.
The glazed wall assembly is in burnished bronze alloy and special glass, while the public areas have clean, elegant finishings in materials like natural stone, wood lining, slaked lime stuccowork and gold-leaf veneers.
The furniture of both public and bed-rooms is modern and stream-lined. Made to design specifications, there is liberal use of natural wenge wood, crystal glass and satined steel. The inner-side corridor walls are completely lined in gold-silver treated wood. This long stretch of  boiserie is offset by a deliberately undulating outer-side wall rendered with Pompeian-red or lead-grey plaster.
The bedroom doors are another original feature. Completely hidden in the boiserie façade, their only distinguishing feature is a screen-printed plexiglass sign bearing the room number.

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