YOKU SH: Minispa with Sauna and Hammam
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YOKU SH: Minispa with Sauna and Hammam

2-in-1 Wellness

By Redazione The Plan -

Effe is an Italian market leader with over three decades of experience in providing cutting-edge wellness solutions, with the latest in design and technological innovation. The company’s saunas and hammams are also completely designed and manufactured in Italy, with some of the collections conceived and developed by famed designers. The choice to use environmentally friendly materials, the types of wood selected and the decision to avoid plastic products have been central to producing eco-friendly solutions with quality certification.

Although hammams (or Turkish baths) and saunas are often grouped together, they provide markedly different wellness experiences. A hammam is based on an extremely humid environment - 100% humidity - with the average temperature not rising above 48°C to encourage blood circulation. A sauna uses incredibly high temperatures, up to 100° C, with low humidity levels to facilitate muscle relaxation. Effe’s new minispa Yoku SH is an innovative option that merges a hammam with a sauna in a single structure. The name is inspired by shinrin-yoku - or forest bathing - which is a Japanese medicinal practice that prioritizes the relationship between nature, and mental and physical wellness. The structure comes in four combinations with five different finishings, although its compact modular design makes it perfect for both home and public wellness environments. The hammam uses Nuvola Smart Power steam generation technology, while the finishings for the sauna section include heat-treated Aspen,
heat-treated solid wood and American black walnut. The large 8 mm bronze smoked glass windows, set slightly back from the front section, and the vertical wooden elements allude to the importance of nature for the Yoku SH system, which comes in a special
S/SH version where the glass front is turned into shelving with oxidized steel sheets. Durable natural wood is used for the load-bearing frame, with various finishings then applied to create the desired effect, such as wooden staves in the sauna or stoneware cladding in the hammam. The essential, balanced designed was the demanding work of Marco Williams Fagioli and it is seconded by a number of clever technological touches for the heat, steam, digital controls and lighting. Like all Effe products, the Yoku SH spa is a hand-crafted item produced on an industrial scale, with certified quality and energy savings that bring the added benefit of very little maintenance.

The system is manufactured and pre-assembled at the plant before being installed directly in the space chosen by the client. This service is guaranteed for both private customers and contract projects.



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