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What’s New 2020

Practical, Beautiful, Innovative

What’s New 2020
By Redazione The Plan -

Quadrifoglio What’s New 2020 catalogue has options for the office and the contract sector that forge an exciting combination of innovation, practicality and useful beauty. The range embraces a wonderful diversity of collections for the home, office, hotels and restaurants, with contract chairs and sofas, reception furnishings and soundproof booths and plenty in-between.

The common thread for such eclectic difference lies in experimenting with forms, materials and colors to generate furniture and furnishings that actively add to the
day-to-day well-being of the people using them. City Lounge, Code, Close and Cell are versatile contract chairs with a crisp, essential feel.

Take City Lounge; these are comfortable chairs that fit perfectly in any lounge environment or business waiting area, and they now come in three versions - low, high and with a headrest. By contrast, Code is ideal in multifunctional settings. Its combination of comfort and technical inspiration give it a classical undertone that is then subtly revisited in the shaping and angle of the backrest and the chair itself. The next on this list, Close, is available in differing materials and finishings, making it a winner for environments where people gather, such as airports, conference halls, cafés and training rooms. It also has several variants, including a bench version and one with a tablet arm. Finally, Cell is a metallic structure multifunctional chair with an ergonomic seat and backrest designed directly in 3D. The extensive color range makes it a logical choice for those areas that need a dynamic but practical approach, such as meeting rooms, ordinary offices, classrooms, canteens and recreational spaces.

Arco and Avana are two lines of soft seating characterized by a refined elegance that enables them to slip seamlessly into almost any environment, be it in the home, the office or a contract venue. The Arco armchair and sofa have classic lines with a clear Nordic touch and a variety of material combinations. The Avana sofa is modular, opening up a wealth of customized options, especially as it comes in a host of fabrics and has a range of matching accessories, such as rotating tables, USB charging points and supporting surfaces for dividers.

Z1 is the recommended solution for business receptions areas, but could also fit perfectly in a hotel reception or even a private office. This modular reception line has a linear feel that helps make it incredibly practical for users, but it also has options for customization and a range of finishings.

The X-Change collection of soundproof booths has a range of sizes from 1x1 m to 3x4 m. They can accommodate individuals or small groups of people who need a touch of privacy away from the bustle of an open-plan office or another communal environment. The styles and finishings draw on the firm’s essence, making them fit easily into most environments and providing a space where people can concentrate deeply in an area that is acoustically separate, but visually connected. It offers a wonderful balance of design, comfort and productivity.


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