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Wave, Circle and Manhattan Series

Practical, Beautiful and Sustainable Faucets

Wave, Circle and Manhattan Series
By Redazione The Plan -

Renovating a bathroom or building a new one is no trivial matter. There are many factors to consider, such as the functionality and esthetics of the furniture and fixtures, but it is equally important to ensure that the space being created has the identity you desire. With a presence in more than 130 countries around the world, Duravit directly supports architects and designers in creating projects where every detail matters, helping to transform the bathroom into an environment that truly reflects a client's personal taste, without compromising on sustainability or escalating costs. 
Duravit's three new faucet collections – Wave, Circle and Manhattan (these two latter available from next September) – reflect the purpose for which they were created, combining pioneering and uncompromising design to offer a series of innovative style combinations. Of course, such an abundance of options can create its own problems when it comes to matching bathroom furnishings and fittings, which is why Duravit has launched a special configurator – Duravit Best Match – to help designers find optimal combinations. 
Wave has an elegant blend of cylindrical elements and crisp edges in which contrasting fluid and sharp lines evoke a gentle dynamism. To ensure every project has a truly personal essence, the unprecedented Wave range includes sophisticated finishes, such as brushed steel and bronze, polished gold, chrome and matte black. 
The perfection of the circle is the source of inspiration for the body, spout and handle of the aptly named Circle line in chrome, where the elements are coherently juxtaposed in a minimalist approach. The soft lines make this series especially easy to clean as any water runs off without pooling. 
The Manhattan line, in chrome and matte black, features precise transitions and clean lines inspired by the geometric structure of a cube.
All three include features specifically designed to ensure product sustainability and efficiency, such as MinusFlow and FreshStart for energy and water savings, and EasyClean and HeatLock for easy dirt removal and scalding protection.

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