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Vortex Optics Floodlights

A New Lighting Concept

Vortex Optics Floodlights
By Redazione The Plan -

For more than 70 years, BEGA has been a leading manufacturer in the design and production of architectural lighting devices, building its reputation on precision light control, illumination power and compact dimensions. And such traits are once again found in its new LED performance floodlights.

These enjoy remarkably high light output at 12,000 lumens, yet provide wonderful visual comfort and excellent energy efficiency. The BEGA Vortex Optics® reflector system with its newly developed and twisted reflectors produces wide, narrow or asymmetric beams, and thus caters to extremely diverse lighting requirements. These outdoor luminaires are noticeably compact, but with no visible screws on the front. Installation is done using a mounting box or threaded connection.

In the RGBW version, the performance floodlights with the BEGA Vortex® reflector system produce amazing light and color effects and the color mixing is done inside the lens and not only on the way to the lit surface, producing a more uniform result.

The materials used to orient the light and optimize efficiency - glass, silicon and aluminum, without polymeric lenses - are virtually wear-free.

The BEGA Thermal Control® system is able to temporarily control device power or adjust the internal temperature, preventing overheating even when the ambient temperature is elevated and so protecting the temperature-sensitive components. This makes the LED modules last much longer and ensures a long-life product because of powerful and reliable power units.


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