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Vero Air
By Redazione The Plan -

Duravit re-launched its famous Vero collection, in the updated Vero Air version, at ISH 2017, a leading trade fair for energy savings, air conditioning technology, office automation and renewable energies, in the “Bathrooms for people” section of ISH Water. Already a modern bathroom classic, this updated design still has the square, definite lines that, because of their essential nature, can adapt to any style. Developed from the essential characteristics of Vero, the new line places a premium on thin borders, rectangular internal shapes and exact radii for the washbasins. To round off the series, Rimless toilets and a new range of bath tubs and furniture have been added, merging perfectly into the crisp, linear shapes of the collection. The special DuraCeram ceramic makes the items exceptionally resistant, even in the thinnest options. The washbasins come in five sizes, from 500 to 1,200 mm, the console basins in two, 500 and 600 mm, and they can be combined with the Vero and L-Cube collections, which have been updated to blend perfectly with this series, with protrusions of no more than 8 mm at the connection point with the base unit. The unmistakable c-bonded version guarantees perfect linearity and a unique connection between ceramic and unit. The bathtubs also express the minimal style that is so essential to this series. All bathtub versions - free-standing, back-to-wall or corner mounted - are made from seamless acrylic paneling. The absence of visible joints matches the essential nature of the design and is coupled with advanced technologies, such as Air-System with a piezo switch. The Rimless toilets have also been carefully designed not only to achieve desired aesthetics, but also to guarantee the perfect flush and hygiene. This reinterpretation of the Vero line has crisp, clear lines that are even more precise than in the original. The result is a bathroom series that offers enormous design freedom for bathroom furnishings and solutions that fit any style, without losing formal purity and precision.



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