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It is a formidable mix of elements that gives birth to six lines of product in which the cement is the undisputed protagonist together with the sawn oak, to brass, to mosaic and to enamels. Very strong and wanted the recall to Venice: the oak of the briccole, the brasses of lamps and chandeliers, the mosaics of the Churches, the glasses and enamels of the Muranese Art, the cement of the greatest Architect and Master of the Twentieth Century as well as inspirer of the project, the Venetian Carlo Scarpa. Armatura line, Frammenti line, Tetris line and more Scacchiera line, Imperiale and Infinito. Six are the lines, but multiple the possible combinations through the game of materials and colours, some of them supplied by prestigious partners, holders as well as Oikos of the concept of Italian Style and attention to detail: Trend signs the mosaics and the historical Orsoni the handcrafted enamels already used in the secular frescos of the St Mark’s Cathedral.
The Armatura line opens to cement with which it clothes the door and it integrates with the wall creating evolved effects of continuity. The Frammenti line highlights the glass and the enamel playing with the colours and the forms. The Tetris line combines the materials as in a dynamic and unpredictable puzzle. Changes of graphic signs, materials alternations and the door assumes the character of the Scacchiera line where square inserts space them out regularly and orderly. Harmony and colour in the Imperiale line too, that breaks the cement with glass staves of unquestionable design. Pureness and spatiality finally characterise the Infinito line dedicated to the great Venetian Master and Architect Carlo Scarpa as well as inspirer of the finish VENEZIA MATERIA. Here the brass breaks the continuity of oak and cement with net and long continuous lines.
Outstanding the relevancy of the solutions in terms of aesthetics and technology with the actual needs of designers, architects and interior decorators. A study, that of VENEZIA MATERIA, born quite from their requests to rely on advanced technical solutions and aesthetically rich in roots and beauty.
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