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Hand Hygiene Above all Else

By Redazione The Plan -

This year has shown us clearly that something so simple and mundane as washing our hands - properly - can have a huge impact on hygiene and consequently the health of individuals and the community as a whole. In public, especially in places that bustle with people, having a system in place that makes it possible for those people to properly sanitize their hands has become of critical importance, and it looks like it will only become even more relevant as the world moves forward. These considerations formed the basis for Paolo Castelli S.p.A. to develop and patent Unicum, an innovative and highly effective hand sanitizer system that merges technology and design in a solution that is both elegant and cutting edge.

Unicum is completely touch-free and uses a time-based sanitization cycle activated by a hand proximity sensor. After soaping up and then rinsing one’s hands, a jet of air blows to dry them but - and this is where things differ from traditional systems - at the same time, a UV-C LED turns on in the hood above.

This means the air, prior to entering the room, passes through a band of UV-C, significantly reducing the bacterial and viral load. The ultraviolet light also helps to keep the air and wash basin more hygienic. In the final stage of the process, hand sanitizer is dispensed, before a fragrant aerosol sanitizer is realized into the air to further sterilize the area.

Unicum was designed for boats, hospitals, offices, hotels, shops and sports centers, and it comes in two versions, Urban and Luxury. The individual units are separated by transparent glass or polycarbonate dividers, while the Unicum basin can be made of steel with an inclined section of Cristalplant® solid surface or Active Surfaces. The first one is an innovative material with a soft-touch effect and a velvety look that recalls smooth natural stone. Active Surfaces is the only photocatalytic ceramic porcelain that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and works with all types of light (e.g. natural, artificial, LED).

The semi-circular washbasin is central to the aesthetics of Unicum, recalled by the tubular shape of the water, soap and sanitizer dispenser.

The various materials for the finishes make it possible to locate Unicum in different contexts, bringing a palpable sense of Made in Italy design and technology. Unicum is durable, the materials are recyclable and, at the end of the day, it offers a guarantee of hygiene and safety for users.


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