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Timeless Wooden Windows Meet BIM

Timeless Wooden Windows Meet BIM
By Redazione The Plan -

Falegnameria Aresi has been in the business of manufacturing wooden doors, windows and frames for over 70 years, progressively building up its lines of wooden and aluminum products and working closely with architects and designers on projects for walls, paneling and façade systems. The company has an extensive range of standard products, but it also places great importance on customized requests and needs. And in response to this, it has adopted various solutions over the years, with the roll-out of BIM the latest option, introduced to the company with the help of AXD Studio, a specialist practice based in Milan. BIM is already proving to be fundamental right from the very earliest project stages, facilitating how even the smallest details are modelled and making it possible to see what will be needed.

Testing is a critical part of the company’s success, with each product tested prior to production through the creation of a 1:1 scale mock-up. This process guarantees every part of a door, window or frame, including the opening and closing mechanisms, functions perfectly.

Essenziale 80 is one of the most classic items in Falegnameria Aresi’s product range, with an intentionally broad section that highlights the design of the window and really exalts the use of wood in the frame. This makes it an ideal choice in façade compositions where the shapes of the windows are the dominant feature.

The FSC certified wood for Essenziale 80 is carefully selected and then coated using a specifically chosen varnish. The use of glulam makes these windows more durable and easier to clean than many more traditional solutions, with the geographic location of the project even factored in when deciding on the specific wood or combination to use. One choice for such wood is larch, an enviable choice for a design in a mountain setting. The use of iroko is also being explored at present, with the plan to use it in a project by the seaside.

Falegnameria Aresi has also designed a special opening and closing mechanism for Essenziale 80 that makes it possible to create exceptionally large windows, weighing up to 400 kg for manually operated systems, and even more for motorized ones. This line also includes a new closer that, by preventing the door or window slamming shut, adds a further level of user safety and security.


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