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Timeless Shower Enclosures

Timeless Shower Enclosures
By Redazione The Plan -

Located in the South Tyrol region of northern Italy, duka has long produced high quality, technologically advanced shower enclosures. One of its best-established collections is Gallery 3000, but the firm decided it was time to completely overall and update it because living needs have changed, becoming both increasingly varied and specific, and lifestyles have shifted with ongoing social changes. The new products blend equilibrium with aesthetic functionality to make the entire collection more adaptable and flexible, increasing the range of products offered by duka. Ultimately, constantly evolving “tradition” might be the best definition of this line of shower enclosures characterized by pure, essential, minimalist profiles.

The new Gallery 3000 models have maintained the functional features that have always epitomized this collection. The UV adhesive technique used to fix the hinges to the glass is still used, making screws and the related drilling into the glass unnecessary, and the look and design of the handles has been retained. These aspects guarantee the doors are adjustable and can be easily opened inwards and outwards.

Every shower in this collection also has a special automatic closure mechanism built into the hinge. Called the “autoclose” system, the choice of material helps keeping the hinge waterproof over time, preventing deformation or color alteration, and the door can be blocked in the desired position. Gallery 3000 now comes in three installation solutions, ensuring it can fit with practically any aesthetic or project requirements.

The classic model is the wall-profile version, a simple and elegant solution. Next is the frameless model, with only glass and the visible elements required to fix the glass to the wall. Finally, the flush-mounted solutions now use a new installation technique in which the enclosure is attached to a profile recessed into the wall. The standard height for each model is 2 m, with 6 mm safety glass, but customization is possible. The range of glass panels is extensive, with options including clear, frosted, parsol-grey, frosted with screen printing in the center of the glass, and nebula, an elegant, misty option.

The new collection of shower enclosures also provides further evidence of the importance duka gives to environmental considerations, with proof found in its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


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