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Three interior design projects with style

OEO Studio

Three interior design projects with style
By Redazione The Plan -

In this article, we’re focusing on three restaurant interior design projects that showcase the creativity of the designers from OEO Studio, a Danish architecture firm established in 2003. The first project combines elements of traditional Japanese culture with the elegance and precision typical of Scandinavian architecture. The last two are elegant restylings of two of Copenhagen’s most famous restaurants.


INUA is a Japanese restaurant on the ninth floor of a new building in Tokyo’s Iidabashi district. To establish a connection between Japanese tradition and the architectural heritage of northern Europe, OEO Studio came up with a new design concept that blends Japanese and Nordic sensibilities in an elegant fusion of craftsmanship, materiality, and architecture.

The studio interpreted local materials and elements from the Japanese tradition through Nordic eyes to create surprising new finishes and an atmosphere that harmoniously intertwines two cultures.

The studio left the restaurant’s glass curtain wall unchanged to keep the stunning views over the Tokyo skyline. Internally, though, in the entrance area, OEO Studio created a 100 foot (30 m) wall. Its subtle diagonal patterning, created using a Japanese plastering technique, guides guests along a hallway, where cloud-shaped ceiling lamps, designed by French artist Celine Wright, set the mood.

The grid and ceiling design are inspired by the mathematics and lines of the tatami flooring. The ceiling has a transitional color scheme, with the hues gradually changing from the welcome area, lounge, and bar to the dining area and private dining room. The color palette ranges from warm gray to blue, green, and burnt clay, with darker and lighter shades used to define the restaurant’s different spaces.


OEO Studio was also responsible for the interior design of the new Hija de Sanchez Cantina restaurant in Copenhagen, the brainchild of chef Rosio Sanchez. The designers, Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann, founding partners of OEO Studio, set out to fully investigate the potential of the premises, while maintaining its long, narrow spaces.

The interior is a celebration of Mexican design, craftsmanship, and architecture, with a color palette that ranges from vibrant reds and earth tones to soft graphite and charcoal hues, more typical of Nordic design.

The high ceilings offered a great opportunity to create a spatial experience. By working with the different elements, the designers were able to create the same elegant illusions with perspective often found in Mexican architecture.

Materiality takes centerstage in this project. The furniture and lighting represent the best on offer by local artisans, with items custom made for the restaurant. OEO Studio itself designed several pieces, including tables, stools, and lamps.


OEO Studio updated the interiors of two Michelin-starred restaurant Kadeau in Copenhagen. The Danish studio worked closely with chef Nicolai Nørregaard to translate his gastronomic philosophy into a physical environment and holistic experience.

And no stone was left unturned for the new design, with every element taking on a new architectural expression. The materials, color palette, artworks, bespoke design, and the selection of furniture were all carefully rethought to create a stylish, modern mood.

Remaining true to the goals of the original design, OEO Studio drew its inspiration from the island of Bornholm and the natural landscape of Denmark, creating an expressive new color palette and a private dining room with seating for up to 14 people.

Commenting on the new design, Thomas Lykke, co-founder and creative director of OEO Studio, says,

“Kadeau, and the people behind this project, have a special place in our hearts, and we are extremely proud of the space. The original design was exactly what we had envisaged. Yet, as a designer, there are always things you want to do slightly differently or even re-design, if given the chance. When head chef, Nicolai Nørregaard, called, I thought now is the time to improve and create an even more extraordinary experience for the guests of Kadeau, and create an even more charismatic and welcoming design.”

INUA Restaurant 

Architect: OEO Studio
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Photography courtesy of OEO Studio

Hija de Sanchez Cantina

Architect: OEO Studio
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Photography by Michael Rygaard
courtesy of OEO Studio

Kadeau Restaurant

Architect: OEO Studio
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Photography by Michael Rygaard
courtesy of OEO Studio

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