The Warmth of a Wooden Floor for Outdoor Living
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The Warmth of a Wooden Floor for Outdoor Living

By Redazione The Plan -

Outdoor spaces are often genuine extensions of indoor environments, but making such areas enjoyable for as much of the year as possible, thus fully exploiting their potential, takes careful planning to decide on the best materials and the optimal solutions. No matter how big or small a house is, the addition of an enticing outdoor zone adds positively to the home, boosting user comfort and wellbeing by providing much needed space for fresh air activities. 
Listone Giordano’s Outdoor collection draws on this understanding of the importance of exterior spaces, matching technology and durability to refined design to bring much needed personality to courtyards, terraces and gardens. The collection comes in different types of wood, such as Teak, as this is an ideal outdoor option, Ipe, adding warm nuances highlighted by natural extracts, and thermally treated Ash. The Outnature finishing, with oils applied during the manufacturing process that penetrate deeply into the wood fibers, provides a uniform layer of protection, removing the risk of peeling that might occur if applied on site, after assembly. 
Technology and nature are the distinctive features of Listone Giordano Marine, a two-layer solution in Teak with a support layer in Beech. It is perfect for surfaces that connect indoors and outdoors, for gardens, terraces and pool edges. The boards are laid and glued, meaning no air chambers below or spaces between the slats, which makes cleaning and maintenance extremely easy. Cross Fingers and Decking Biscuit - available exclusively on demand and based on a project - are two special collections that are perfect for the contract industry. 
Designed by Marc Sadler, Cross Fingers is decking in Accoya®. It combines the ancestral feel of wood with a mechanical cut that defines the tips of the slats in a sort of a dovetail fixing system, a segmented “stitching” that contrasts nicely with the warmth and the fluidity of the material. The effect is, clearly, like fingers crossing. This marriage of technology and tradition produces a charming, slightly unexpected effect. 
Decking Biscuit, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is available in two size-modules in Accoya® or Ipe. It connects seamlessly with the Interior collection and it is the result of the designer’s reinterpretation of the classic geometric patterns of wooden floors. Soft shapes and rounded profiles - the hallmark of this collection, including the outdoor solutions - create surfaces that seem to breathe an inviting softness. 
Laying Cross Fingers and Decking Biscuit requires the use of the patented Clip JuAn® system. The slabs are fixed - without using screws - to an aluminum support frame using clips so they are not directly on it. This tiny air space improves air circulation, which reduces the likelihood of detrimental damp. 

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