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The Latest Generation of Screens

The Wall
By Redazione The Plan -

Building on the experience it has gained over the years and its hallmark attention to detail, Samsung’s “The Wall” is a display that exploits MicroLED technology to offer extremely high standards of visual quality. Combining absolute black with a vast chromatic range, image quality is there to be seen in the screen’s brilliant colors, high-definition details and greyscale clarity. The resulting images offer bags of realism and naturalness, a gamut of colors far broader than available using conventional LED technology, and HDR support - in HDR10+ formats - which also significantly boosts image quality. The Wall can be used to create a screen with a resolution of 4H UHD at 146”, using a 4x4 configuration of modules to form a 3.2x1.8 m screen at 3840x2160 pixels. The Wall also makes it possible to install a screen of the desired size and shape, using individual modules sized at 806.4x453.6x72.5 mm (resolution: 960x540 pixels). This modular approach makes it possible to customize screens to specific space requirements, catering to clients’ aesthetic preference for horizontal, vertical or irregularly-shaped screens in a multitude of environments (corporate, museums, luxury homes, etc.). The Wall’s minimalist, thin-profile, frameless, satin-brushed aesthetic allows the screen to slot elegantly and effortlessly into its surroundings, letting the colors and definition of the image do the talking. The Wall’s technical standards are matched by its durability and resilience. It features shockproof technology and is high-energy efficiency.


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