The restyling of Casa MARTINI: a modern, interactive museum
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The restyling of Casa MARTINI: a modern, interactive museum

Conrotto Progetti

The restyling of Casa MARTINI: a modern, interactive museum
By Redazione The Plan -

Conrotto Progetti was responsible for the restyling of Casa MARTINI, an interactive museum operated by the MARTINI brand.

After over 150 years, the world-famous Italian distiller has updated its home, transforming it into a museum that traces the brand’s long and successful history as it leads visitors step by step on a tour that engages all the senses.

Conrotto Progetti was asked to create high quality architecture that would both respond to modern needs while conveying warmth, personality, and an inviting atmosphere. The project obviously needed to feature the brand’s distinctive colors – that is, red, white, and black – and they can be found in the shapes and materials of all the interior spaces.

“Poised between tradition and innovation, Casa MARTINI is a journey of discovery into a historic brand that’s been synonymous with Italian aperitifs for over 150 years,” says Marco Budano, general manager of Casa MARTINI. “Working with Conrotto Progetti, we wanted to overhaul and expand the visitor experience, giving them a chance to discover what goes on behind the scenes at MARTINI, including the ingredients, a few of our production secrets, and a history full of anecdotes, entrepreneurial vision, and innovation. The new tour is a truly immersive experience that, step by step, leads visitors on an exciting journey to the origins of the Italian aperitif. We want Casa MARTINI to be a destination for everyone who appreciates quality liqueurs and wants to find out more about this aperitif that’s become an icon of the Made in Italy brand, with its close ties to nature, tradition, and artisanry, as well as innovation and new trends.”

The circle is the cornerstone of the whole design. Taking their inspiration from the brand’s logo, the architects used the circle as a symbol of inclusiveness, integration, unity, and universality, with it reflected in the geometries of the various installations and architectural elements throughout the project. Two large golden tubes, for example, connect the beginning and end of the museum pathway.

The style that Conrotto Progetti set out to bring to this project reflects an innovative vision of the brand, conveyed through modern, cosmopolitan design choices.

Among the novelties featured at the new museum are elements that stimulate your senses of smell and touch. These include the large Botanica room, with its circular containers of ingredients, and the Red Circle installation, made up of vertical bars of red light.

“It was an honor to be asked to work for such a prestigious and internationally famous Italian brand,” says Gianluca Conrotto, owner and creative director of the design studio. “The MARTINI logo has always excited me from a design perspective. Our whole team tackled this project with passion and enthusiasm, rising to the challenge of emphasizing the brand’s strong personality through a unique, memorable, and contemporary design language that’s also deeply rooted in its history.”

Location: Torino, Italy
Architect: Conrotto Progetti
Photo by Barbara Corsico
courtesy of Conrotto Progetti

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