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Textures+ Collection

Fabric-like Surfaces

Textures+ Collection
By Redazione The Plan -

Antolini’s latest Textures+ Collection is a bold move to upturn the concept of cladding, pushing it into the realms of interior design and fashion. The company was founded in 1956 by Luigi Antolini in the northern Italian city of Verona and today it has a presence in 182 countries around the world. Since the very beginning, the firm has selected, processed and sold natural stone, exalting its ancient beauty through the expert merging of artisan skill and technological innovation. This new collection is filled with Antolini passion and experience, as the wonderful names suggest - Chiseled, Flamed, Hammer, Hydro, Linen, Papirus, Riven, Rock, Seta, Stratos, Striato, Super hydro and Vintage. Each design in the Textures+ Collection can be reproduced on different materials to exponentially increase the array of potential solutions, allowing significant customization for each project, as per the desires of architects and designers. The company’s catalog is already impressive - about 1,300 materials from many of the world’s leading quarries - but these new additions add something quite special. Textures+ conveys unprecedented expressive intensity by exploiting weaves, knots, inlays and irregular hues to recreate the sense of movement and the three-dimensional feel typical of fabric wefts. In many senses, this collection presents the enormous potential of natural stone and how stone surfaces can form the basis for original patterns, using reliefs and nuances to produce tactile perceptions. The bewitching combination of chiaroscuro and delightful aesthetics in Textures+ is the work of skilled professionals in the stone industry working with the latest equipment, ensuring demanding quality standards and a reduced environmental impact. Antolini has used this collection to show how stone can be used, by people with the necessary creativity, to open up new, innovative pathways for cross-fertilization between different spheres to produce unique cladding that is, in many ways, a work of art.



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