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technology AT THE SERVICE OF Lighting

technology AT THE SERVICE OF Lighting
By Redazione The Plan -

Bega has been developing and producing lighting devices for numerous architectural projects since 1945, constantly optimizing not only its products, but also its manufacturing techniques and technological solutions. For example, outdoor devices are created starting with a careful analysis of the conditions such systems must cope with - dust, the elements, changing temperatures - and then different solutions are developed to manufacture components able to withstand the related stresses. This careful environmental assessment, combined with the company’s extensive experience, is a cornerstone of Bega approach to developing new products and improving technologies. At the same time, Bega has sought to extend the lifecycle of its devices, licensing and registering a series of trademarks used in various spheres.

A good example of this is the Bega Thermal Management® trademark, which was designed to protect devices from excessive heat and so ensures perfect functioning even at high temperatures. For electronic parts, especially LEDs, wear very much depends on the temperature components are exposed to. In response, the company has developed solutions to keep the internal temperatures of devices under control, considerably extending the lifecycle of LEDs. Bega Thermal Management® technology provides two levels of protection: Bega Thermal Switch®, which temporarily shuts the device down in cases of extreme temperatures; and Bega Thermal Control®, which regulates the temperature without switching the device off using a special temperature control system.

Bega Ultimate Driver®, another registered trademark, is used in power supply units for lighting systems as it provides high dielectric strength and effective surge protection.

Bega’s search for excellence also extends to creating and installing optics to ensure continuous product improvement. These systems include Bega Hybrid Optics® and Bega Vortex Optics®, both using technology that deflects light efficiently to almost completely eliminate wear.

Bega Coating Technology®, another company trademark, is used to protect metal surfaces, combining two technologies to guarantee waterproofing, light resistance and protection again components corroding.

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