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Synua Safety, Technology and Design

Synua Safety, Technology and Design
By Redazione The Plan -

Synua by Oikos is a large armoured door (up to 2.2 m wide and 3 m tall in a single span). It combines design flair and technical performance. Snug as well as safe, it will blend with any architectural surrounds. Synua shuts perfectly flush; by its vertical-pivot opening and shutting system the door swivels on two completely recessed hinges which make for wider opening and more light than traditional hinges mounted on the door-frame.
The horizontal strip cladding means that various different materials and colours can be juxtaposed on one and the same door, the range of choice being 7 wood veneers, 24 lacquered colours, 11 versions of porcelain stoneware, 9 coloured glasses, 6 leather finishes, as well as mirror finish, steel and acrylic stone. With such versatile good looks, Synua forms an important part in the indoor décor.
From a safety angle Synua meets the toughest standards of burglar-proofing and corrosion-proofing. The door itself is in galvanized 15/10 sheet metal with six horizontal and two vertical omega reinforcer profiles, one of which wraps round the lock side; the lock has a manganese inlay lock protection plate and a cylinder mechanism bolting at four points with two lateral switch locks.
The hallmarks of Synua are its burglar-proof Defender plate on the outside and its snugly flush closing.


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