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Essential Shapes, Multi-Colored Materials

Studio Line Collection
By Redazione The Plan -

A merger of efficient technology and flawless metalwork, the LED luminaires in BEGA’s Studio Line cast a soft light across a room to exalt its elegance. The collection comes in a range of different options, to meet a broad array of needs, including recessed and pendant ceiling luminaires, wall luminaires, floor and table lamps, and downlights in various forms. Plus, these options come in different shapes - square, spherical, circular, cylindrical and conical - to offer almost endless possibilities.

Studio Line is characterized by velvet black or velvet white metal shields and can be matched with various metallic interior colors, depending on the respective luminaire. It is the internal color that then determines whether the light is neutral or warm. These lights are a true furnishing accessory, characterizing an environment even when they are turned off. But when they are turned on, the contrast between the external coating and the color of the internal metal creates an unmistakable expressive effect.

The new wall lights and pendant luminaires are perhaps the best example of this, with their 360-degree radial light for numerous possibilities for attractive installation with a distinctive individual signature. The use of an even higher number of light sources in the LED modules in other new wall luminaires, with light emission on two sides, boosts the light efficiency above that of similar lights. Studio Line products are perfect in lighting projects for homes, shops, hotels and many other environments. The multiple sizes and outputs in the range make these lights a potential solution in small, mid-size and large architectural designs. The minimal, elegant design of the collection, combined with demanding technical standards, produces a solution that is a guarantee of durability.

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