Stretch Ceiling for Silent, Invisible Air Conditioning
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Stretch Ceiling for Silent, Invisible Air Conditioning

Stretch Ceiling for Silent, Invisible Air Conditioning
By Redazione The Plan -

For 50 years, Barrisol Normalu® has specialized in thermal stretch ceilings and now it is behind the innovative new Barrisol Clim®. This system, available in both acoustic and/or luminous versions, uses a special perforated perimeter profile to allow air to be pushed or sucked between the plenum (that space between the ceiling and the stretch fabric) and the room, creating an area in which the walls and internal air enjoy a uniform temperature.

Ambient air is sucked in along the inner walls of the room, then channeled via a dividing wall supported by a special Barrisol Clim® profile. The air then enters the conditioning unit to be filtered and heated or cooled before being released back into the plenum between the upper panel and the Barrisol stretch ceiling. Where required, a ventilation chamber can be connected to inject hygienic new air into this plenum. The conditioned air then flows gently down the external walls, while the stretch fabric also helps spread uniform temperature. The result: the room enjoys an almost imperceptible flow of natural cooling or warming air that is silent and draft-free.

The Cloud Clim® version uses modular Barrisol Biosourcée® ceilings combined with hybrid diffusion through radiation and convection of the conditioned air. Alternatively, Radiant Clim® works without air recirculation, with reversible radiation. Finally, Barrisol Radiant Cloud Clim® combines the advantages of both products. By adding the Pure Clim® option, the ambient air is purified using UVC lights. Barrisol Clim® also guarantees savings of between 5 and 10% compared to traditional conditioning systems, and Class A performance with both heating and cooling, with minimal maintenance required.
The admissible power of 600W/sq. m while heating and 550W/sq. m while cooling makes it possible to meet heating and cooling needs in practically any part of the planet.

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