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Sportalm Headquarters

Atelier Ender Architektur

Sportalm Headquarters
By Redazione The Plan -

The headquarters of Sportalm, Austria’s leading sportswear manufacturer, is located in the famous winter sports resort of Kitzbühel, just off the main road into the town in an area with numerous other businesses and factories.
The complex was designed by Atelier Ender Architektur in conjunction with the Dablander architectural practice, having been awarded through an architectural competition. This building replaces the original one, which was pulled down to free up the required space, and deliberately seeks to be eye-catching without being ostentatious, as this was the client’s desire. The structure is set back from the road to create space for a sort of entrance lawn. The actual building has a glazed façade with white metal horizontal bands, giving the edifice a sculpted feel.
The design and creation of the interior workspace was given top priority, choosing white walls and furnishings to interact with the glazed windows and partition walls. The fluid, geometrical design foregrounds the furnishings, giving them primary importance. Since barth has special expertise in the creation of glazed partition walls and doors, it was called in to help actually create the design. One of its key contributions was the glazed wall system with drawers and cupboards that picks on the composition found on the façade.
barth, based in Alto Adige, also created the reception desk, with its gently flowing curves, the furnishings for the bar in the conference room, all the office furnishings and the cladding for the doors and windows.
The result was the skilful integration of architecture and design, producing a sense of harmony that pervades the entire interior and creates comfortable, healthy working spaces. The overall effect also helps cement the company’s brand image.

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