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Smart Hospitality

By Redazione The Plan -

For any hotel, taking good care of guests also has to do with ensuring ideal guestroom temperature, lighting and sound quality. Smart technology solutions provide maximum guest comfort while also ensuring optimum energy efficiency, a key concern for hotel operators. Jung provides the hotel sector with a range of smart technology solutions whose timeless design combines with easy-to-use intuitive control systems that regulate lighting, temperature, sun-shading and music volumes in every environment. The smart touch screen also includes a room security function. Jung’s FanCoil thermostat - coming in the standard and KNX versions - provides steady temperatures in all corners of the room. Easy-to-follow displays with clearly understandable symbols allow guests to adjust their room thermostat at will. When in standby mode, the display screen light automatically switches off so as not create to an annoying light source. The innovative Plug & Light system, ideal for the hospitality sector, is a new addition to Jung’s lighting range. Reliable and safe, the plugs of the Plug & Light system, developed by Insta, are easy to install and suitable for any type of European socket. The system combines with the well-known Jung design, while the various magnetically-fixed attachments can be rotated 360°, thereby meeting the full range of user lighting requirements. Communication between guests and hotel staff is simple and practical thanks to a corridor and bedroom communication system, while the hotel’s smart keycard switch can store a range of lighting and temperature profiles for added guest comfort.

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