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Slide Glass 60

True Core of Bioclimatic Technological Development

Slide Glass 60
By Redazione The Plan -

Provide shelter and protection outside. This is essentially the raison d’être for a pergola, a structure that must be able to turn an exterior space into a usable environment regardless of the season and weather simply by being more or less open to the outside.

Slide Glass 60 by Pratic uses a system of panoramic sliding panels to offer the ideal combination of total transparency, visibility, and protection from rain and wind under the pergola, making any space comfortable throughout the year.

Engineered and industrialized by Pratic’s R&D division, the Slide Glass 60 system is the latest proof of the company’s commitment to innovation and research, with the whole project resulting in five new patent applications being filed to cover the specific functional and structural features developed.

The glass panes are modular in size, made from clear tempered glass and have a profile that can be selected from over 30 colors in Pratic’s catalog.

The glass panels slide on rails, and can be combined with the fixed panels from the Fix Glass line or the hinged doors in the Door Glass line, which have single and double solutions with or without a fixed panel.

Slide Glass 60 also offers a range of customization options, including smoked, burnished and satin-finished glass, or combining the system with other Pratic options, such as the Set platform and the Zip Raso vertical awnings.

The modular design creates the option to cover large surface areas, providing protection against water seepage, wear, salt spray, drafts and strong wind. The testing by an established certification body, Istituto Giordano, is a quality guarantee and, in this case, saw the line awarded CE certification after passing the air permeability (Class 2),
water tightness (Class 1A) and wind resistance (Class 1) tests.



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