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Shapes for Bathrooms

Shapes for Bathrooms
By Redazione The Plan -

The Duravit range is built around straight lines and pure shapes, with many of its product lines exploiting the repetition or combination of simple geometric forms to create characteristic pieces. Sharp, clear and instantly recognizable patterns feature rectangles, circles and ovals to turn simple geometric ideas into a myriad of bathroom layouts that find practical form through a multitude of interchangeable sizes, materials and finishings. This plethora of combinations means practically any taste or requirement has a solution.

The simple image of a bowl filled with water sitting on a table was the original inspiration for the Cecilie Manz’s Luv series, a collection with gentle forms and stringent geometry. The oval basins come in five sizes and sit on a base supported by four slightly arched adjustable-height feet.

The bathtubs in this range - available in freestanding, back-to-wall and left and right corner versions - recall the same image of a bowl. The material and color choices express the designer’s highly developed sense of touch and nuance, with a specific chosen color range created specifically for Duravit.

The essence of DuraSquare is clearly a quadrangle leading to pure, clearly defined rectangular shapes for the outside and softer, rounded lines for the inside, with a slender rim that is only half a centimeter. The series also provided the spark for a project with Kurt Merki Jr. that led to the creation of XSquare, a series of bathroom furnishings characterized by chrome profiles and quarter circles that recall the curvature of the corner of a washbasin.

Vero and its later incarnation Vero Air develop from another quadrangle shape - this time the rectangle - to create a bathroom with a clear identity. The extensive range of sizes makes these series options for almost all bathrooms. And given the essential lines, they are also exceptionally versatile, fitting easily with many creative design styles.

Happy D.2 Plus is the newest version of Happy D., a project with Michael Sieger that can trace its roots back to 1999 and the curved and straight lines of the letter “D”. Today, c-bonded technology and the even newer c-shaped process create washbasins and furniture units that run in parallel lines to form a perfect union of shapes and materials.

Duravit’s expansive range of solutions and combinations for bathrooms provide architects and designers with options that match project briefs and customer desires precisely, producing customized bathrooms with a pure, timeless feel.


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