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Shade by FMG

Shade by FMG
By Redazione The Plan -
without compromising resistance, durability and the anti-grip features which are typical of made in Italy porcelain gres, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Manufactured by FMG Division in full-body porcelain gres with sizes ranging from 120x60 cm to 60x30 cm, embellished with decorations, mosaics and special matching pieces, Shade interprets the different facets of stones in various shades and colours, producing eight variations of the product, all equally polished, neutral and suited to furnish spaces in a unique and original way.
Shade presents three surface finishings: Naturale, with R9 resistance to slipperiness, and the new option, Diagonal Striped, in 120x60 and 60x30 cm. Also available in the R10 and R11 versions for external spaces is the new Diagonal Striped surface, which offers contemporary architecture a range of project possibilities as the product is characterized by relief diagonal lines which create a pleasant 3D effect.

Colours: White, Cream, Dove Grey, Moor, Anthracite, Grey, Rust, Black
Sizes: 120x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 60x30 cm, 60x15 cm, 60x10 cm
Thickness: 10 mm
Finishings: Natural R9, Diagonal Striped R10 A+B (only 120x60 cm and 60x30 cm ), Diagonal Striped R11 A+B+C (only 60x30)
Mosaics and Decorations: Mosaic Plug 30x30 cm, Muretto Stick 30x30 cm
Special items: Baseboard 9x60 cm, Step 30x30 cm
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