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ScreenTronic new app

ScreenTronic  new app by Pellini | THE PLAN
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ScreenLine® is the division of Pellini SpA specializing in the design and manufacture of sun shading systems to be integrated within double or triple glazing units. The range offers Venetian, pleated or roller blinds in a number of manual and automatic operation solutions, with motors located internally or externally to the insulating glass unit and connected to the mains electricity or powered by batteries that are recharged by a solar panel. Not only does ScreenLine ensure the same insulating characteristics as traditional systems without changing the hermetic properties of the glazed unit, but while meeting current standards, the blind also improves the overall performance of the window: it adjusts the g value according to the season, reducing the heat gain during summer and maximizing it during winter, thus leading to air conditioning and heating savings. For Pellini, being at the forefront in the field of integrated blind systems has always been the rule. This is also so at MADE Expo 2019, with a significant innovation relating to the IoT world: the ScreenTronic app, which allows you to operate an unlimited number of ScreenLine binds in a KNX environment or within a LAN network, thanks to the dedicated actuators available; visually control the blind height and the slat closing angle, on a mobile device, even from remote, or create countless scenes of automatic operation, which can be retrieved through a modern user interface; easily modify and exchange groups, positions and scenes, convert them to .pdf format, and save them via iTunes or e-mail for their quick replication; display data collected by weather stations to automatically operate the blinds based on sun irradiation (optional module).

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