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Sauna + Turkish Bath

Integrated Wellness Solutions

Sauna + Turkish Bath
By Redazione The Plan -

In the early 2000s, Effe first brought together the Mediterranean Turkish bath tradition with the Nordic preference for a sauna, offering integrated systems that provided a complete wellness solution for the home in a fusion of design and technology.

Since 2003, various models have followed in this tradition, but none is more emblematic than Logica - designed by Talocci Design, like its later incarnations Mid and Logica SH - as it merges an innovative concept with stunning materials, including a structure in aluminum, gres porcelain in the Turkish bath, gres porcelain combined with reinforced glass for the floor and delicious Canadian hemlock wood for the sauna.

Even the earlier models had highly advanced, but also simple and intuitive control systems. In Logica, the backlit touch commands for the sauna, Turkish bath and color-therapy are all on a single, centrally positioned column. For the Mid range, the Aquasteam steam generator was added.  All three ranges now have a music option based on the Effe Sound System (ESS) and Bluetooth technology.

Bodylove is a modular system designed by Rodolfo Dordoni and Michele Angelini that combines a sauna, a Turkish bath and a shower. The finishings are luxurious, with plenty of room to customize the size, the combination of materials, the composition and the orientation in a room, including the access doors. It is a versatile, elegant option in which the cornerstone materials are the gres porcelain and glass for the cladding, Corian for the benches and super-clear glass for the doors. The latest version of these combination solutions is Yoku SH, a mini-space designed by Marco Williams Fagioli, characterized by a recessed glass wall along the front and vertical elements in natural wood. Yoku SH is inspired conceptually by shinrin yoku, a traditional Japanese nature therapy developed around the health benefits of forest bathing. The vertical wooden elements in Yoku SH are designed precisely to recall this idea of being “immersed” in a forest of trees, adding a feeling of intimate and natural wellness to the relaxing heat of bathing.


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