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PureLine - New built-in appliances

PureLine - New built-in appliances
By Redazione The Plan -
Clear, simple lines and innovative materials are essential for PureLine, the latest range of home appliances from the German firm Miele. PureLine assumes the kitchen is at the heart of the home, a social place central to family life, and this line seeks to integrate the appliances as seamlessly as possible into the room.
Glass is used extensively, foregrounding the horizontal lines of the stainless steel elements and the evident central handles. Adopting a uniform front piece and always placing the control panel at the same height allows true freedom in designing a kitchen as the appliances can be placed in side-by-side and above-and-below configurations to produce numerous combinations united by an overall harmonious elegance that lends any kitchen a “total look”. Miele prefers to call this the “family feeling” of its new electrical appliances.
This aesthetic integration is matched by uniform functionality, with the same commands for all categories making these appliances exceptionally easy to use. The simple, intuitive and uniform interfaces ensure anyone can easily operate these devices. The display is always placed in the centre, above the handle, to ensure the desired function can be selected whatever one is doing. The control panels also use innovative technology that can be summed up using words like gloss, durability, high definition and real attention to detail.
The touchscreens mean only a tap is required to activate an array of functions, making operating the appliances even faster and simpler. The touchscreens come in more than one version, including the extremely simple easy sensor, an alternative with easy control dials and the sensor tronic option, with sensory buttons placed on the sides. The M Touch display is undoubtedly the most innovative, with this touch and scroll panel used in the top-of-the-range models.
PureLine comes in the classic stainless steel, as well as 3 colour options - Havana brown, brilliant white and obsidian black - to ensure these appliances can be placed in any kitchen or house. They really are appliances that provide customers with what they want and allow a kitchen to be properly customised.

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