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Product culture and design culture
By Redazione The Plan -

At Listone Giordano, the goal is to understand the ancient, ancestral material of wood in a contemporary paradigm, merging knowledge of and respect for the craft traditions inherent in the culture of wood with new ways of using the material to produce original, practical solutions.  Never is this goal more of driving force for the company than in its parquet collections: Atelier and Natural Genius.

With Atelier, Listone Giordano has produced a design that really draws out the natural effect of wooden surfaces, highlighting the grain and other marks through a manual craft process that leads to unique pieces and leaves behind classic conceptions of beauty in a journey to find new, innovative forms of expression. 

Natural Genius draws on the creativity of some of the most talented Italian architects, designers and graphic artists, including Michele De Lucchi, Daniele Lago, Matteo Nunziati, Marco Tortoioli Ricci, and the most recent arrival of the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. Each of these has brought their interpretation of parquet, creating unusual and unexpected solutions, and producing original combinations of materials, finishings, shapes and surface treatments. 

Listone Giordano’s production processes, its experimentation with forms and its artisan skill are always underpinned by an awareness that conserving the raw material is absolutely central to its business. 

Consequently, this company based in Umbria in central Italy is directly involved in promoting sustainable forestry, monitoring the supply chain and selecting the raw materials at source. This is the reasoning behind the company’s preference, for over 50 years, for wood (mainly oak) from the Burgundy region of France, as the area has a centuries-old tradition of silviculture. At the same time, the company is also committed to Umbria, creating a plantation of over 150 hectares with 25,000 durmast oak trees. 

This focus on health and the environment is also the reason for the decision to use only 100% dry residue varnish (i.e. no solvent emissions) or oils derived from plants and certified adhesives (formaldehyde emissions).   

The manufacturing processes are designed to cut the environmental impact as much as possible and to comply with the strictest safety standards, as shown by its ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification. 

Thus, the corporate mission has two equally important parts: first, interpret the ever more refined market demand in the most mature and environmentally aware markets, providing the required products; second, preempt the times to promote and encourage clients to respect the environment and make responsible purchasing decisions.


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