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Plug & Play - Smart Environment
By Redazione The Plan -

Fantoni asks us to reflect on the new ways of working and on how the workplace is changing.

While real estate and facility management are experiencing profound evolution, thanks in part to technological innovations and the growing awareness of the influence of workspaces on staff motivation, large organizations are adopting new working models, because the space has become a strategic lever, engendering interaction between real estate management offices and HR. Changing spaces to change corporate culture, designing flexible workspaces to increase engagement: intelligent working environments make it possible to reduce the size of premises (currently 60% of available space in companies is not used), modify layouts and diversify in terms of types of space.

Thus, the office is no longer necessarily the place in which all work is to be performed, but rather, it has become the place that stimulates creativity, concentration, interaction with colleagues and with people from other companies. In this context, in order to activate new working models, physical offices and furniture need to embrace the technological innovations (internet of things) that will enhance communication and collaboration. Integrated sensors that detect whether a workstation is in use, devices to monitor the comfort level of the environment (temperature, light, noise, humidity,…), systems to “communicate” how spaces are used, wireless infrastructure and secure remote access solutions, data and applications available from anywhere, collaboration tools that enable people to work in a team or to hold face-to-face meetings, regardless of their geographical location.

This is the direction taken by “Smart Environment”, the intelligent furniture developed by Fantoni in partnership with eFM: the exclusive design and comfort of Fantoni combined with the technology and innovations of eFM.

In particular, Hub is a system created to solve all today's demands for a flexible workplace, offering a series of modules, from shared workstations to the places of concentration and focus needed in our everyday work.
The organization of spaces changes and increases the types of settings available: individual, collaborative, focused, or for relaxation. The Hub module - single, double, multiple, or the high version - is a traditional work table that can also be so much more, adapting to suit organizational dynamics. The partial use of the workstation makes it possible to share desks, with an eye to reducing "individual" spaces in favour of opportunities to collaborate and communicate.

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