Pioneering Solutions for State-of-the-Art Bathrooms
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Pioneering Solutions for State-of-the-Art Bathrooms

Pioneering Solutions for State-of-the-Art Bathrooms
By Redazione The Plan -

In the process of creating any environment, it is necessary to identify the technological and design solutions that will deliver what the end user wants. The positive impact that the use of high quality design furnishing accessories can have in enhancing a space is often underestimated. Ideal Standard’s range of solutions is designed to combine esthetics with functionality, helping designers on their journey to the ideal creation.

With more than 100 years in the industry, Ideal Standard is committed to providing home furnishings solutions that combine harmony, esthetics, elegance and practicality in every element. Today, the design of the bathroom, as of any other environment, requires a global approach in which innovation and design coexist, moving beyond the view that the solution lies in the mere placement of functional elements that must necessarily be housed in toilets.

To help architects find solutions to these new demands in bathroom design, Ideal Standard has created Atelier Collections, a range of products designed by Roberto Palomba, the company’s Chief Design Officer, that respond specifically to changing customer needs. Offering a wide range of solutions, the collection perfectly embodies Ideal Standard’s Singular™ design approach, where cross-category ideas for the bathroom are available as part of a comprehensive, diverse catalog. The Atelier Collections combine ceramics with essential designs, state-of-the-art faucets and mixers, and modular furniture with clean lines to provide a solution for every need, allowing maximum customization of each piece.

For each functional element – sinks with or without mixers, taps and faucets, sanitaryware, furniture, bathtubs – it is possible to identify one or more solutions from the many series: Conca, Ipalyss, Extra, Linda-X, Tipo-Z, Calla, Solos, Joy and Joy Neo, Connect Air, Blend Cube and Blend Curve, Dea, Tonic II and Around. Whether it is the neutral design of Blend toilets, the pioneering technologies of Solos washbasins, the minimalist Conca cabinets or the modern, embracing nature of a Dea tub, Ideal Standard offers designers an answer to every need.

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