Pietre di Loiano the Charm of Natural Stone
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Pietre di Loiano the Charm of Natural Stone

Pietre di Loiano the Charm of Natural Stone
By Redazione The Plan -

The “I Marmi e Le Pietre” range by Cotto d’Este is a collection of porcelain stoneware tiles that not only captures the beauty of natural stone but also rivals its resistance and longevity. The Pietre di Loiano series comprises the products: Querceto, Settefonti and Belpoggio, named after the three mountain villages near Loiano in the Apennines dividing Tuscany and Emilia.
They come in two surface finishes - bush-hammered or polished - as well as in several different formats.
The bush-hammered version is designed for outdoor wall cladding and paving. Its rough surface is obtained by spraying coloured salts followed by the dry application of minute mineral particles - quartz, hematite and corundum crystals. These give the tile its surface sheen, MOHS 9 hardness and (R13) slip resistance. The bush-hammered version is particularly suitable for terraces, swimming pool borders, staircases, ramps, sidewalks and other outdoor paved areas.
The polished version comes in two format sizes and caters for interior wall and floor cladding requirements. The smoothed surfaces are softly reflective, like slightly worn natural stone.
As with all Cotto d’Este products, the Pietre di Loaino series is designed for both renovation projects of old properties and residential, commercial or public new build.

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