Palomba Collection 2012 - Lines from nature
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Palomba Collection 2012 - Lines from nature

Palomba Collection 2012  - Lines from nature
By Redazione The Plan -

Laufen’s Palomba Collection first hit the stands in 2005, making its name through a combination of formal language, rigorous lines and organic shapes. The Palomba Collection 2012 marks a shift to softer lines for Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, reminiscent of how water shapes and smoothes stone. The highlights of this collection are the Menhir washbasin and bath, with four square and two round countertop washbasins, as well as a new range of wooden bathroom furniture. Menhir is available either in freestanding or wall-mounted versions. The inner part of the basin gently flows into the outer flat area, recalling the lines of a boulder. At the same time it conjures up images of a shallow sea or the water in tidal pools. By combining organic and ergonomic shapes with new technology, the bath really is about great comfort, especially through the use of lighting and air massage. The collection also includes two asymmetrical bowls and four countertop basins, matched with lighting for the under basin cabinet, a pedestal, a half pedestal and two tops. The cabinets come in white, putty grey, light wild pear tree and dark Vermont cherry tree. This modular furniture system, either in cubes or parallelepipeds, offers tremendous versatility. The modules are available in white, putty grey, berry red and sea blue. The backing boards come in orange, red, light wild pear tree, dark Vermont or cherry tree colours plus a mirror version.


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