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Outdoor Screening Progresses

Carrera Bioclimatic Pergola

Outdoor Screening Progresses
By Redazione The Plan -

At the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Pratic unveiled Carrera, its new bioclimatic pergola that represents the next generation of outdoor shade and protection. By evolving the traditional screening system, the company has created an exclusive space with unprecedented customization that makes it even more elegant and welcoming. 
The innovation introduced by Carrera is the dynamic design of the top section, which features fixed and movable aluminum slats on two levels, designed to rise and overlap. These can be used to create sophisticated, customizable shading scenarios, starting with a fully closed configuration that protects the space by preventing light from entering. 
A single gesture is all it takes to move the slats until they disappear above the fixed ones, creating a perfect alignment that, in this case, maximizes sunlight and ventilation. The movable slats can also be locked in any intermediate position, allowing the shading to be regulated until the ideal balance is achieved. This technology, combined with Pratic’s weather sensors, allows Carrera to automatically adjust to the sun’s intensity from sunrise to sunset, optimizing comfort throughout the day. 
The addition of fixed slats not only increases versatility, but also revolutionizes the way the pergola can be set up, as the roof immediately offers an additional space for the installation of hanging elements. Chandeliers, sound systems, projectors, heating systems, and more can be added to Carrera to make it a versatile and functional space for a broad variety of uses. The model can even be combined with a sophisticated selection of decorative curtains, inside the pergola, and a modular aluminum and glass shelving system that can be installed along the horizontal profiles or on the fixed slats. And there are more customization options. There are voice-controlled home automation systems, functional options – such as Raso vertical blinds, Glass Series perimeter glazing, a Set modular platform, LED lighting, Ray vertical profiles, electrical and USB outlets – and even a specific color palette that can be used to breathe wonderful, unexpected life into a space with a single color or a carefully chosen combination. In essence, Carrera has everything needed to make the pergola a comfortable environment and, if necessary, an extension of the indoor space, thanks to the combination of profiles and seals that, when closed, block out the elements, including the sun or rain, to create a very cozy space. The result is assured comfort with optimal lighting and ventilation. 

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