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OS2 40 System

Sturdy Steel Profiles For Glazing

OS2 40 System
By Redazione The Plan -

Imagine being able to take the same architectural and technological style of metal and glass doors and windows used on the façades and replicate these inside. This interior designer dream of seamless design is precisely the starting point for the OS2 40 range of indoor profiles from Secco Sistemi, a company in the Veneto region of northern Italy that has been designing and manufacturing steel and brass door and window profiles for over 70 years.

The OS2 40 glazed partition system can be used to separate interior spaces, while maintaining visual connections, especially as the slender profiles optimize light transmission and transparency. The use of right-angles in the design of the partitions makes them particularly suitable for perfectly integrating single or double doors into the walls.
The tubular profiles, currently available in pickled steel, have visible sections between 12 and 47 mm with a depth of 42 mm, for glazing up to 27 mm thick.

The OS2 collection was originally designed as a thermal break system for façades, especially for restorations of listed buildings. In 2018, OS2 75 received the Compasso d’Oro award by Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for Industrial Design). The OS2 40 profiles are essential and simple, reproducing indoors the same look as the OS2 external window frames to create a seamless appearance. A minute analysis of the construction details was central for these profiles to ensuring minimal surface area for heat loss, making them an excellent solution in mild climates.

The lightweight, sturdy OS2 40 systems by Secco Sistemi are ideal in a residential setting, but also an excellent option for retail and service businesses. They are one of those elements that adds both elegance and functionality, in a solution that improves sustainability, comfort and wellness.

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